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The desire and necessity of migration has been a source of human conflict for a very long time. It's compulsive, instinctive behaviour and perhaps even essential for survival. We are compelled to eat, to sleep, to procreate, to run, to fight, yes, even to migrate.

Resisting the compulsion of migration is cohesion as a survival strategy for communities. Cohesion is most often expressed through culture, language, food, dress. Immigration disturbs that cohesion and if the immigrants stay around long enough, change and eventransform it.

The established a communiy attempts to defend the staus quo.

Isn't it time to reduce, if not remove, that source of conflict; to accept that devising and obeying laws is a completely reasonable method of organising stable, flourishing communities.

The status quo is an not efficient judge of what additional cultures may or may not benefit that community. The force of nature is always the best template for survival and evolution. If nature compels migration, it stands to reason that migration must benefit the species.

Does a community have the moral or ethical right to decide who may or may not reside in, participate in or benefit from that community? Ought any community require cultural cohesion and compliance, or compliance of behaviour which does not have a material, damaging implication for other community members according to laws devised by and agreed upon by that community.

But no community is obliged to provide employment for, care for or provide for newly arrived immigrants beyond the basics of natural charity.

It is a basic right that any human being may occupy public space or possess private space, where they want, when they want, as long as they have the means of providing for their own basic human necessities and obey regional and community laws. If they do not obey, and are apprehended and judged guilty of disobedience, they may face just punishment.

Remove border controls for people.

Promote the free movement of human beings throughout the universe.

Take young men,
Tell them of partition, Of torture and tyranny,
Suffered by their ancestors, When they lived in the colony.
Young strong and free,
Trap them in a place,
Where they never see a friendly face,
Outside the family.
Send rockets, missiles and guns,
To slaughter their loved ones,
In the old countries beyond the sea.
Give them a voice,
Then fear what they say.
Give them a choice,
Then slight the God to whom they pray.
Jihad brothers lay down your arms.
Walk away.


Such a long time since I was here,
Will have to come back,
Looking for something to do,
To keep my life on track.

Uno Mars


We may have come from the farther shore,
We may ask for too much and then for more.
But we too have emerged from the mud,
We too are brothers of the blood.

Uno Mars



It's been some time since I shared my thoughts through these pages.  In the meantime music has filled my time.  Producing a CD by Iron Horse is now all but finished.  It has been two years in the making and at least, for the time being, I am finished with it.  Time will tell whether it was a useless detour or time well invested.  You can read about the early days of Iron Horse on CHICKS, CARS AND GUITARS. It is a much changed band since those bad old days.


The intelligent design of deteriorating relationships:-

  • if you think it will last forever, it won't
  • if you think it won't hurt when the rot set in, it will
  • if you think you can stop the rot with talk, you can't
  • if you think you can live with the pain of losing something you value, you can. 
  • ....

    The intelligent design of pain:-

  • determining the consistent efficiency of a function is critical to success
  • each function must be constantly monitored in order to identify malfunction
  • corrective action is the expected response to indications of malfunction
  • red lights and alarms serve to alert machine operators of mechanical malfunctions
  • pain serves to alert living organisms of malfunction
  • the level of corrective action available to the organism varies with species
  • it is at its most sophisticated in humans.  
  • ....

    The intelligent design of giving up:-

  • at some point, in any enterprise, continued endeavor ceases to benefit an organism
  • either consciously, or unconsciously, the organism ceases the endeavor beyond that point
  • the sperm stops squirming when the energy to continue runs out
  • a lion will cease the chase when it senses the energy expended exceeds the amount to be extracted from the kill
  • it is possible that both the lion and the sperm are motivated to cease their endeavors by the same impulse. 
  • ....

    The intelligent design of tolerating injustice in relationships:-

    • one invests time, money and emotional credibility in a relationship
    • relationships change, sometimes suddenly
    • when one side of the relationship changes, the other must adjust or cut and run
    • weighing up the pros and cons of each action in light of current circumstances takes a great deal of time and energy
    • if  DNA has already been transferred and no longer needs to be protected, or is not likely to be, the inclination is often to cut and run
    • thus it is possible that the DNA is influencing the decision.


    The intelligent design of caring:-

    • suppose a bird takes pride in the presentation of his mating dance
    • suppose a bird feels the loss of chicks taken by a rat
    • suppose a bird remembers the source of a particular food
    • suppose a bird is conscious of what it does
    • suppose a bird is conscious of what it feels.


    The intelligent design of persistence:-

    • the throat is sore and dry
    • the nose is clogged
    • the back hurts
    • the mind is dull
    • and still the feet move forward
    • step by step.


    The intelligent design of determination:-

    • There's many bumps in the road on the long haul
    • after a while the bumps become all there is
    • it takes a focus on the future to tolerate the bumps
    • being aware there is a future is evidence of intelligent design.


    The intelligent design of irreducible complexity:-

    • an organic structure, ie an organ, is no good to an organism unless it is already completely assembled
    • half of an eye is no better than no eye
    • yet there many instances of eyes that are more fully formed on some creatures than others, as well as many different types of eyes with many different degrees of 'seeing'
    • if science being unable explain a phenomenon is proof of intelligent design, then when science does find an explanation for it, that explanation becomes disproof of intelligent design.


    The intelligent design of reason:-

    • the ability to analyze and react to changing circumstances is evidence of intelligence
    • the survival and adaptation of living species to changing environmental influences is evidence of intelligence
    • therefore all living things have intelligence including viruses and bacteria, even though they do not appear to have a brain
    • therefore is possible, the intelligence resides not in the brain, but in the DNA
    • because DNA is common to all living species.


    The intelligent design of communicating requirements:-

    • need the money
    • find the money
    • get the money
    • invest the money 


    The intelligent design of spending money:-

    • spend it before somebody else does
    • the more you earn the more you spend
    • the more you spend, the more people who depend upon you
    • the more people who depend upon you the more responsibility you acquire
    • the more responsibility you acquire, the more respect you command
    • respect is a pleasant experience.   


    The intelligent design of numbers:-

    • the only species known to man that adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides is man
    • mathematics is used by man to explain order
    • if there is order, there is design
    • if there is design, there is intelligence.


    The intelligent design in anatomy:-

    • structure is to function what function is to purpose
    • a steady state of metabolism powers the structures that support function
    • each body part has a function (ie a purpose)
    • purpose is the result of design
    • design results in the order, organization, and integration of an anatomy that functions
    • an anatomy that functions is the result of design.


    The intelligent design of women:-

    • women prioritize their children over their mates (in general, with a significant level of exception)
    • this makes them reduce their investment in the male/female relationship once the children are beyond basic development
    • this makes some men feel redundant
    • older men, once their working lives have passed their zenith, feel even more redundant.


    The intelligent design of recent legal decisions regarding science and the Bible:-

    • the separation of science and faith is absurd
    • faith is essential for science to work as a predictive technique
    • faith without supporting evidence and proof is absurd
    • the legal position regarding how faith and science are taught and in what context is absurd
    • young people and especially teenagers are not deprived of access to many thoughts which conflict with each other and they tend to be able to differentiate
    • many ideas should be taught and supported with literature and audio visuals in many different contexts
    • to segregate them is absurd and unworkable.


    The intelligent design of multitasking:-

    • doing more than one thing at a time increases the opportunities for success
    • it also reduces the amount of resources that can be expended on any one of the alternatives
    • finding the balance between successful multitasking and dissipation is a matter of judgment and intelligence
    • the most successful multitaskers in the natural world are humans
    • the ability to multitask is a major contributing factor to human success as a species
    • the ability of humans to multitask has evolved over time
    • evolution is dependent on successful strategies. 


    The intelligent design of curiosity:-

    • curiosity is common to aware and self aware creatures
    • curiosity leads to exploration
    • exploration leads to discovery
    • discovery leads to invention
    • invention is evidence of intelligence
    • if both humans and apes are inventive, not to mention many birds and lesser mammals then it is possible, and possibly probable, that humans and animals share a common psychology and thus a common ancestor.


    The intelligent design behind the binary configuration of the male/female relationship:-

    • some say the only difference between men and women is their sexual organs i.e. genitals and breasts
    • some say their psychology is entirely different and infinitely variable
    • some say the soul purpose of both sexes is to replicate and distribute their DNA
    • the DNA of both sexes has only four elements: adenine, guanine, thiamine and cytosine
    • both sexes are engaged in the distribution of the same four elements.


    The Bible is not necessarily the correct description of intelligent design:-

    • science and the Bible's version of the origins of creation are not compatible
    • that is not to say without equivocation that the Bible is not correct or that scientists have not misread and misinterpreted the evidence
    • however, science's ability to predict events and to describe the interaction of natural activity before it happens indicates that Darwinism is probably a more reliable explanation of the origin of the species than the Book of James. 


    Intelligent design is expressed by evolution

    • evolution is not undirected process
    • design detection applied to evolution suggests intelligent architecture
    • evolution is the incomplete resolution of an original formula stipulated by an intelligence


    The intelligent design of numbers

    • the symmetry of 1 and 0 is obvious
    • 0 to 9 is less symmetrical
    • it should follow that if the particles of the universe are unevenly distributed then the less symmetrical the numerical language the better it would be to describe that unevenness.  


    The intelligent design of fractals

    • fractals repeat patterns into infinite microspace and infinite macrospace
    • this contradicts the concept of a finite universe as expressed by a singularity and a universe expanding into a void as both have finite dimensions
    • therefore, a mathematical equation which can be represented in patterns, is not consistent with physical theories which appear to predict the mechanical behavior of objects which move in a measureable manner.  


    Looking for evidence of intelligent design:-

    • can reveal a moral framework for living
    • can provide explanations for natural phenomenon
    • can help predict events


    If there is intelligent design:- 

    • it may belong to some form of higher being or 'God'
    • it may no longer exist
    • it may be of no benefit to identify it
    • we may be the intelligence that created it.


    The intelligent design of music:-

    • making and arranging sounds that communicate is evidence of intelligence
    • people and animals make and arrange sounds
    • the difference is the level of control over what sounds are available and when and how they are used.
    • music is sounds that have been created and arranged so that people find them intriguing or appealing
    • music is evidence of intelligent design.


    The intelligent design of pattern recognition:-

    • combinations are fixed arrangements of items
    • patterns are fixed arrangements of combinations
    • the ability to bring order to an arrangement of items by organising them into a pattern is evidence of intelligence
    • order appears in the universe far more often than chaos.


    The intelligent design of routine:-

    • discernible structure is evidence of design
    • structure requires modular symmetry
    • routine is modular symmetry of action.


    The intelligent design of attraction:-

    • The display of plumage and ritual behaviour in plants and animals is the result of natural selection based upon compulsive behavior related to survival.
    • People choose a mode of display for themselves using cosmetic surgery, choice of clothes, make-up, jewelry and arranging the hair.  
    • The difference between humans and plants and animals is that our awareness permits us to analyze the feedback much more quickly and to change our presentation of ourselves according to the current circumstance.
    • Empathy and feed back tell us whether we are expressing the correct self for the current circumstance.


    • I believe that science based theories especially that of the big bang are consistent with the concept of intelligent design.
    • I believe in intelligent design.
    • I believe the progenitor of DNA is intelligent design and that DNA is the means by which living things respond to the imperatives of intelligent design. 
    • I believe that our collective and individual actions are instinctive responses to stimulants created by intelligent design. 

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