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Earth + Air + Water + Fire

About 4.5 billion years ago storms containing an uncountable number of atoms swirled around in great spinning cauldrons of liquids, dust and gas cooking in the intense heat of cosmic fire. Over time these atoms assembled in large clumps of solid material. These large clumps of material smashed into each other, with some of the material sticking together and forming larger lumps of spinning mass. One such spinning mass of space debris will become earth as we know it.

Along the way the electrons of an Oxygen atom get mixed up with two atoms of Hydrogen and the whole mess stabilizes in a molecule of water. A molecule of water is a requirement for the presence of organic life. So water must have preceeded the presence of organic life.

Then lots of water molecules collected to form bodies of water.

H2O can be solid, liquid or vapor but it always remains one atom of Oxygen and two of Hydrogen.

Chemical evolution and the formation of more-complex chemicals, either in space or on planets requires energy sources like the sun and internal planetary heat.

Heat and energy are exchanged as the substance transforms from one state into another creating the precise conditions required for the formation of amino acids. Together with this energy, the nurturing nature of water and the explosive potential of the amino acids, the precise conditions required for the propagation of DNA are created. DNA is the prerequisite of life just as life is the prerequisite of belief.

Earth remained too hot for organic life for a very long time with a constantly melting crust and lots of geothermal energy like volcanoes and deep-sea vents. Asteroids,meteors and comets smashed into it relentlessly. So goes one theory on how the origins of organic life may have been planted on earth from somewhere else. Where else? Where else was already cool and had water?

So what? Why do we need or even want to know this? One possible reason for interest is to consider whether the origins of the human species emerged out of this impossibly hot concoction or was it introduced to the planet from somewhere else? And it may be useful to remember that science speculates that everything, every iota of everything, was created, simultaneously, at the point when the singularity erupted in the big bang. Perhaps our force, or 'God' if you prefer, introduced life into this earth much as a farmer might plant a seed in a cultivated field.

The Magic Helix is dependent on the presence of life. Where there is no life, there is no Magic Helix.


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