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"The righteous and the evil prosper and suffer in equal measure in this life. It is only when they reach the next do they get sorted out.

Somebody who knows what they are talking about

Suor Angelica

A woman learns too late that there are some decisions that cannot be recanted. This is a time when daughters unacceptable as potential wives are imprisoned in nunneries and virtually starved to death.

Angelica is the step-daughter of a wealthy baron. When she falls pregnant with his child, she is banished to a convent where she becomes Suor Angelica and gives birth to a son. The child is presented as her brother and heir to the baron.

Angelica's mother returns from a visit with her daughter and tells her husband that Angelica is bereft with grief over being separated from her baby.

'Tell her the child is dead,' is the cold response from her husband. 'She will soon recover from the grief and devote herself to God and good works.'

Angelica is wandering in a meadow alive with flowers when her mother comes to tell her that the child has died. Angelica receives the news impassively. In reality she is devastated and is determined to join her child in the next life.

As soon as her mother leaves. Angelica searches among the flowers and collects enough Deadly Nightshade to concoct a powerful poison. She drinks the poison and kneels to ask forgiveness from God for her sin.

As her eyelids flutter to a close and life drains from her, the Madonna and child appear to her surrounded in a glowing light. Too late she understands that she is not the only mother to lose a child to the grim reaper. Her mouth gapes open in horror as it dawns on her that she will not see her child in the next life. The gates to heaven will be slammed in her face for the cardinal sin of suicide but it is too late to turn back.


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