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Procreation is a very special type of reproduction that makes life possible.

The ancestor of an organism must possess all the basic molecular characteristics shared by all its descendents. The universal ancestor is the last common ancestor to all forms of cellular life.

The three-domains of cellular life are:-

  •      Bacteria (Eubacteria)        
  •      Archaea (Archaeobacteria)     
  •      Eucarya (Eukaryotes)        
The five kingdoms are:-
  •       Animalia
  •       Plantae
  •       Fungi
  •       Protista
  •       Monera

Sperm, egg, zygote, gamete, hormones,testosterone and estrogen containing and following genetic instructions provided by DNA are basic ingredients for reproduction. 

It is conceivable that genes can take deliberate action. For example, perhaps genes can have a predisposition to anti-reproductive behavior. This coding could be a mechanism for succesful genes but could also conceivably be for the disposal and termination of unwanted or unsuccessful genes.

But that line of thinking isn't relevant at the moment.  We are engaged in understanding procreation,not death. The bottom line is that as long as there is energy, preferably in the form of heat, and water, the potential for life exists.

Where life is possible, an eco system can establish itself and transport itself from location to location. Transporting earth mimicking ecosystems from location to location is called terraforming.

Terraforming tends to be more successful where there is an abundance of water. Therefore life and its capability to procreate is always in the vicinity of water or dormant. And like death we are not particularly interested in the dormant.

Using chlorophyll, co-operating cells combine molecules of carbon monoxide from the atmosphere with the molecules of hydrogen from water to create carbohydrates. Living creatures love carbohydrates.

11,650,000,000:00:00 years after the singularity, the first self propelled carbohydrate consumers started emerging from the water.


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